Ontario Labour Relations Board

The Ontario Labour Relations Board is an independent adjudicative agency of the Ontario Ministry of Labour. As an adjudicative agency, the Board serves as a judicial tribunal in matters pertaining to employment, union, and labour disputes. It works to encourage harmonious relations and issue evidence-based decisions in issues related to employers, employees, and trade unions.

The board was established under section 2 of the Ontario Labour Relations Act, 1948 and continues under subsection 110(1) of the Ontario Labour Relations Act, 1995 S.O. 1995, C1.

Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)

As an employer, you might have to file an application with the Board on any number of employee/worker and workplace matters. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) is one of the provincial statutes that falls under the Board’s jurisdiction.

As per the official Board, your OHSA concern would fall under the Board’s jurisdiction in the following situations:

  1. An employee has been reprised for exercising his or her rights under the OHSA.
  2. You’d like to appeal a Ministry of Labour Inspector’s orders.
  3. You’d like to request suspension of a Ministry of Labour Inspector’s orders.

In the second and third incident, you’re required to have first contacted the Ministry of Labour to get the Inspector’s order or decision.

Changes to the OHSA

The Ontario Labour Relations Board also plays an instrumental role in making recommendations and changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Since the Board seeks to do its part in making workplaces in Ontario as safe, healthy, and harmonious as possible, these changes are important for employers to be aware of.

Staying on top of any changes the Board makes in regard to the OHSA helps to ensure you remain in compliance as an employer.

Do you have questions about the Ontario Labour Relations Board?

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