Employer Advice on Workplace Health and Safety

Are you seeking employer advice regarding Ontario's health and safety laws? Are you familiar with your obligations, and the rights of your employees? Do you have a team in place to ensure your workplace is compliant? Don't worry. We can help.

Small businesses and large corporations alike are subject to complex health and safety standards that must be complied with by law. Our experts at Health and Safety Help can help you mitigate risks, handle incidents, and prevent injuries at your workplace to protect your employees and enhance working conditions.

What can we help you with?

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) – Understanding legal requirements for employers under the OHSA regarding such matters as establishing internal policies and procedures designed to prevent and manage workplace hazards.
  • Internal Responsibility System (IRS) – Establishing the necessary internal infrastructure to protect employees and ensure compliance with OHSA rules and regulations.
  • Joint Health and Safety Committees – Understanding their role within a business and the minimum requirements necessary for your workplace, which varies depending on the size of your business.
  • Ontario Ministry of Labour – Understanding how the Ministry enforces health and safety standards, including rules regarding workplace harassment, worker rights, and employer duties.
  • Workplace Harassment – Ensuring the proper health and safety policies are in place to prevent and address workplace harassment and violence.
  • Ontario Relations Board – Advice regarding how to appeal a report from a Ministry of Labour inspection, request suspension of an inspector's orders, or similar matters.


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Duties of Employers

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Workplace Inspections

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Workplace Harassment

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Workplace Violence

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Health and Safety Training

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Need Employer Advice Now?

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