What is the Workers’ Compensation Act? 


The Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia o/a WorkSafeBC (WSBCis a neutral body that administers the Workers’ Compensation Act in British Columbia. The WSBC is responsible for making claim benefit decisions related to the workplace through the assessment of facts and application of legislation and policy. Furthermorethe WSBC provides no-fault liability insurance and workers’ compensation to British Columbia’s workplaces.  

Employer Responsibilities Under the Workers’ Compensation Act 

The Workers’ Compensation Act is a provincial legislation that regulates the workers’ compensation system. In addition, the Act sets the standard for the assistance that employees receive from a workplace accident. 

Specifically, employers have the responsibility to: 

  1. Work with employees to prevent on-the-job injuries and accidents; 
  2. Report any injury to WorkSafeBC; 
  3. Provide treatment and medical attention for any injury that occurs at work; and 
  4. Carry out inspections and make necessary changes after the workplace accident. 

Remember, it is a legal requirement to report all injuries that happen in the workplace. 

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